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Learn how Putnam Investments migrated from an expensive, complex Hadoop environment to a data-centric, cloud-based platform powered by Snowflake.
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Our expert consultants transform how companies manage and analyze their data allowing them to make better decisions faster. We partner closely with each client to develop a complete data strategy, prove it in concept, and then work to make it a reality.

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BizAnalytica has been an invaluable extension of our team. They have done a great job planning and executing our migration to the Azure cloud and they solved performance issues plaguing our operations in the process. I can speak highly of their technical skills and their ability as a team to deliver on time, on budget and exceed expectations.

E-commerce large retailer in the Northeast US

Case Studies

Maximizing Performance with Cloud Only Architecture

Lyft stored petabytes of data in legacy on premises systems that needed to remain accessible for analytics. The infrastructure team struggled with maintaining and upgrading physical storage.

Developing Data Strategy that Leverages Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Putnam was hitting roadblocks in migrating off of their on-premises Hadoop environment. The firm sought to enable sustainable business growth and profitability by capturing efficiencies through improved data access and eliminating duplicate data.

Migrating Analytics Workloads from Netezza to Cloud

Facing a lack of support for Netezza moving forward, the migration would need to happen quickly without disrupting business operations. Because daily workload demands had to be executed in a narrow window of time before the financial markets open, this was especially daunting.