At BizAnalytica, we believe Digital Transformation is a process and journey, not a stop during the lifecycle of your business. The pursuit of delivering higher customer satisfaction and creating greater operational efficiencies doesn’t end with the implementation of an e-commerce solution. BizAnalytica takes a holistic approach to help customers throughout their digital transformation journey.

Each Cloud and data transformation journey is unique. To understand our customers’ need, BizAnalytica partners with key internal stakeholders to create a transformation assessment. Our service delivery teams determine an optimized Cloud and data transformation roadmap based on assessment outcomes. The roadmap is comprised of a unique blend of professional services that deliver immediate technical value and managed services that deliver long-term sustainable operational value.

Professional Services

From an industry perspective, digital transformation is broadly applicable to the digitization of any information technology infrastructure. At BizAnalytica, we specialize and focus on the digital transformation of “soft” assets such as disparate databases and traditional enterprise applications that require cloud enablement.

All professional services engagements begin with a complete digital transformation assessment of an enterprises data and enterprise applications. The results of the assessment determine a unique transformation roadmap for a given customer’s journey.

Summary of Professional Services

  1. Digital Transformation Assessment
    • Infrastructure Inventory
    • Data Assets
    • Applications
    • Compliance
    • Security
  2. Big Data Strategy and Architecture
    • Data aggregation
    • ETL
    • Data Science
    • Machine Learning
    • Business Intelligence
  3. Cloud Transformation
    • Public, Private, Hybrid, Hosting
    • Application Deployment Architecture
    • CI/CD and DevOps
    • Security
    • Performance and DR Strategy

Mananaged Services

BizAnalyticaTM is passionate about building and integrating technology that delivers sustainable, predictable, business and customer outcomes. Our professional services approach is designed to deliver immediate and impactful technical value to enterprises. However, as a dedicated partner throughout our customers’ digital transformation journey, the mission is to ensure operational efficiency at scale.

The BizAnalytica portfolio of managed services allows our customers to continue taking advantage of our expertise to ensure a smooth high-quality operational transition. Once our solutions are pushed into production environments customers enjoy 24/7 managed operations, the industries best service-level-agreements, and access to subject matter experts.

Summary of Managed Services

  1. Infrastructure-as-a-Service
    1. Public Cloud Operations
    2. Private Cloud Operations
    3. Hybrid Cloud Operations
  2. Managed Application Services
    1. Managed CI/CD
    2. Managed Kubernetes and Docker
    3. Managed Application Monitoring
  3. Managed Data Services
    1. Managed Data Lake Operations
    2. Managed Data Replication and Backup
    3. Managed ETL

Additional managed services are determined by the scope of our professional services engagements. Each BizAnalytica professional services engagement results in the implementation of discrete sets of technology solutions that are unique to our customers. Many discrete customer solutions are also eligible for ongoing managed services and support.

In-Sourcing Services

Our employees and consultants embody technical expertise, dedication to customers, and mission-based values that set BizAnalyticaTM apart from other service providers. Without our staff and training, we could not deliver world-class technology and customer services. In-sourcing allows our customers to take advantage of our employees and consultants as their own. Unlike traditional outsourcing operations, BizAnalytica in-sourcing services enable enterprises with technical human resources with agility and elasticity. Remote or on-premises consultants are embedded and 100% dedicated to customers.

Summary of In-Sourcing Services

Project Ma nagement
  1. Technical Scoping
  2. Engineering Ops
  3. General Technical Project Management
Data Services
  1. Data Architect
  2. DBA Services
  3. ETL Experts
Applications Services
  1. DevOps Engineer
  2. Infrastructure Ops
  3. Application Monitoring and OPs